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four side packing machine
· Machine name: fully automatic four side sealing packing machine
· High speed and continuous, size adjustable without mold changing
· Whole machine with 8 sets servo controlly system, 3sets auto-rectifying mechanic
· Working principle:
After the packaging film is placed on the machine, it is divided into the upper film and the lower film, which respectively pass through the upper and lower film turning parts. The upper film passes through the coding machine and the deviation correction device, and then it is pulled into the traction part by bypassing the plate matching part. After the traction wheel is used to press the upper and lower film, the machine starts up. After the start-up, the longitudinal sealing part will heat seal the upper and lower film, and the traction part will be trimmed to remove the redundant waste edge, and then the machine starts up The roll film will be sealed at both ends through the transverse sealing part, and the easy tearing part will be automatically punched during operation. The tearing position can be adjusted at will (screen operation). After the transverse sealing, the roll film will go through the independent punching part to punch the airplane hole, and finally cut off the finished product. The operation of the whole process is simple. After the roll forming, the packaging materials are put to the material conveying part for feeding. After adjusting the feeding position, the formal production can be carried out.
· The same roll of packaging material (the front and back of the bag are printed on a kind of roll)
   is divided into two parts by a high-precision cutter,
  and the same roll film is stretched uniformly, and the plate is accurate

· Longitudinal sealing part: this part is used to seal the left and right sides of the product,
  and the heating method is heating tube

· Transverse sealing part: this part is a reciprocating mechanism,
  which is used to seal the packaging bag

· Cutter part: the secondary part is the cutting part.
  After the product is packaged, it can be hobbed here,
  which can run at high speed to increase the output

· Rectifying and guiding part: rectifying and guiding frame is used to guide the film and prevent the film
  from deviation